Custom Software Development

BHI Commercial Relevance ProgramDelmarva Group is experienced at building custom software applications across a wide variety of platforms. Our developers  guide customers  through the full life cycle of software development with the end result being a high quality application delivered on time, and on budget.  We use a variety of methodologies that allow the customer to  pick the level of communication and progress metrics they require for their comfort and success. 

Whether you're planning on selling the final software or simply using it internally to improve communication, efficiency for your staff, or something designed to increase sales, we will help you get it done faster with a lot less struggle.

Delmarva Group is also capable of augmenting an existing development initiative by proviing services such as:

  • Project management
  • Deployment Assistance
  • Quality Assurance
  • Vulnerability Assessment
  • Development team leadership and training

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Website Development and Management

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If you have a website today, ask yourself the following questons:

  • Is your website generating enough leads?
  • Do you rank highly on Google for your chosen search terms?  Bing? 
  • Do your website stats show an ever increaseing amount of traffic?
  • Do your website leads go into a CRM system so all in your company can respond accordingly?
  • Do you have a solid inbound marketing strategy that leverages blogs and white papers?
  • Do you have dedicated "take action" or Squeeze pages in operation for each of your products?

If you answered "NO" to any of the above, you may be missing out on huge opportunities without even knowing it.

Our website development and construction strategies allow all of the above to be accomplished without breaking the bank, or your marketing budget.  Our team will work closely with each of your key leaders to determinet the best tools and approach to allowing work the web, as it was meant to be.

At Delmarva Group (DMVG), we're different than most marketing or website development companies.  While their main goal is to help you describe your business to the world, our main goal is to help you convert a website visitor into a customer.

By offering a host of additional services for your business, such as email and CRM systems, we won't leave you after your website is complete.  Our service plan is based upon your needs to run your business.

DMVG employs the latest web technologies, including responsive web design so our web sites are functional and beautiful on all screen sizes. You will be able to reach your target audience whether they are using a desktop, tablet, or phone.

At DMVG, we recognize the need for your website to be responsive to changing market conditions.  With the tools and training we provide, we draw the line between code and content.   You, as the site owner (should you desire it) will have the ability to change the content of your site when you want.  You can even develop articles and have them publish in the future.  This is a big plus for those who travel or may not have time during the week to create that new content.

In most cases, our customers go from no internet presence to a fully operating site within a couple of weeks.  Sometimes it's even faster.

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Custom Newsletters

You Need A Newsletter. 

Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc... they're not enough.  Simply put, your content needs to be where your clients are.  Delmarva Group's newsletter service leverages your existing website content to generate custom tailored newsletters to promote your information and brand into the all important email box. 

Our technology combined with our accelerated startup program makes newsletters easy for you and your business.

Delmarva Group clients often ask for a system to improve the DMVG campaign/newsletter service. They want a system with tracking and analysis tools to help identify potential customers and draw them in. They want their emails to stand out from the crowded in-box.

DMVG is proud to introduce the DMVG Campaign Manager, our new high-end email and newsletter system, to meet these requests. DMVG’s system offers services unmatched in the industry, including:

  • Detailed analytic tools tracking opens, click-thru, email clients, bounce   processing, read rates, and more.
  • Optionally, Branded only by YOUR company.  No DMVG or third party logos confusing your readers.
  • Self-management of your lists and content.
  • Ability to add code to your website to allow end-user subscription   management.
  • Our Template system allows for carefully tested presentations, essential for newsletter campaigns. Templates will be tested against spam filters to ensure your message gets through cleanly and clearly.
  • Detailed anti-spam testing available
  • Online viewable and linkable archives of past emails
  • Professional design assistance to get you started.
  • Get a competitive advantage over your competition.

These tools locate and analyze what interests your readers so you can provide timely, compelling content for them. Compelling content brings interested customers to your website and your business.

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Get A High Dollar CIO Without Paying A Massive Salary

OnCall-CIO-Meeting-That's what “Oncall CIO” is all about. Any businesses would benefit highly from a forward thinking, aggressive CIO, yet those guys are expensive. Why not share one?

Our OnCall CIO service provides you with access to unbiased high level consulting services related to leveraging Information technology to your competitive advantage. We specialize in finding opportunities to save by examining your workflow processes as well as how your people work with their information. It is usually possible to achieve high returns just by reconfiguring some software.

Our team has an extensive background in project management and methodologies. Mr. Koffenberger has personally designed a number of methodologies specializing in software development as well as large scale data migration and user implementation. Additionally, he has over 15 years in solid management roles implementing matrix structures and complex project methodologies.

How does this help you? We are comfortable working in multiple reporting environments that allow your people to continue to report to direct leadership coming from Delmarva Group. This allows both organizations to apply the best talent to complete projects on time and under budget.

We continually watch the market for new and inventive products. If we identify a technology we feel can help your business, we'll notify you and even do the leg work with the vendor. This initial conversation saves you a lot of time and energy by letting the IT folks (us) handle the conversations until it's time for all of us to figure out where to go next.

This service is available for a minimal monthly fee, but is tailored to your specific needs. We value in person conversations and meetings, so each monthly plan includes a face to face visit as well as phone and email support for your organization.



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