Get A High Dollar CIO Without Paying A Massive Salary

OnCall-CIO-Meeting-That's what “Oncall CIO” is all about. Any businesses would benefit highly from a forward thinking, aggressive CIO, yet those guys are expensive. Why not share one?

Our OnCall CIO service provides you with access to unbiased high level consulting services related to leveraging Information technology to your competitive advantage. We specialize in finding opportunities to save by examining your workflow processes as well as how your people work with their information. It is usually possible to achieve high returns just by reconfiguring some software.

Our team has an extensive background in project management and methodologies. Mr. Koffenberger has personally designed a number of methodologies specializing in software development as well as large scale data migration and user implementation. Additionally, he has over 15 years in solid management roles implementing matrix structures and complex project methodologies.

How does this help you? We are comfortable working in multiple reporting environments that allow your people to continue to report to direct leadership coming from Delmarva Group. This allows both organizations to apply the best talent to complete projects on time and under budget.

We continually watch the market for new and inventive products. If we identify a technology we feel can help your business, we'll notify you and even do the leg work with the vendor. This initial conversation saves you a lot of time and energy by letting the IT folks (us) handle the conversations until it's time for all of us to figure out where to go next.

This service is available for a minimal monthly fee, but is tailored to your specific needs. We value in person conversations and meetings, so each monthly plan includes a face to face visit as well as phone and email support for your organization.



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