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  • 5 Cybersecurity Defenses Every Small Business Needs

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    If you are running a small business, it can be challenging to decide just how much IT and cybersecurity to invest in. You know that your company and client data need to be secure. You know that hackers are out there. You know that no matter how small your business may be, there is a percent change you will be directly hacked or targeted by roaming malware.

    But how much is too much, and what does "Just Right" look like for small business cybersecurity? Today, we're here to offer a quick overview of the five aspects of cybersecurity that every small business needs.


  • 5 Ways Encryption Helps Your Small Business Cyber Security


    Cybersecurity is one of the biggest concerns for any modern business no matter how big or small. Hackers have always been a menace to the working internet-connected world but in the past few years they've gotten bolder, meaner, and they don't care about hurting your business in order to wreak a little havoc or steal a few credit card numbers. While your firewalls, virus scanning programs, network monitoring and managed IT teams will all help you resist invasion, there are things a hacker can find out simply by watching your internet traffic and, sometimes, malware manages to sneak in despite your best efforts. When this happens, your best defense is a clever combination of backups, detection triggers and, of course, encryption.

  • Should You Have a BYOD Policy at Your Company?

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    Small businesses are finding an easy way to cut down their hardware costs by letting employees use personal devices to do work. There are a few reasons why this might be a good idea: low upfront costs and employee convenience are definitely benefits. When you run a small business that can't offer the same salary, health insurance deals, or long-term security as larger, established companies, you have to get creative. But there are some circumstances when you should absolutely prohibit the practice, and several reasons not to do it no matter what.

  • What Keeps Cybersecurity Influencers up at Night?

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    Cybersecurity influencers believe that a new wave of system-embedded devices present a formidable challenge to their field. The Internet of Things (IoT) will introduce a vast amount of small computers, with inadequate security designs, that  use high-speed internet, and that combination has all the ingredients for a cyberspace disaster.