Gmail goes down.... and we cannot help but laugh at the "complainers"

In his "Google Watch" blog post Gmail Down? Not for Me. For How Many? I Want Answers! Clinton Boulton sets the impression that Gmail going down should be a major event and Google should be accountable to the public.  Is this really a sound position?

Look at all these service (or lack thereof) updates from The Next Web's chronicling of the Google Apps Status Dashboard. Apparently mail was restored at one point, followed by contacts and chat at a later time.

He seems to feel that a provider of a free (use at your own risk) service is accountable.  Don't get us wrong.. it stinks when these services go down as we use them too.  Twitter is another company that's dealt with outages that users have cried about.

But to what end and with what justification?  These services are FREE and come with zero service level agreement.  Buyer beware.  Sometimes you get exactly what you pay for.

Small and medium sized businesses should NOT rely on such services.  Cloud Computing is still in its infancy.  There are far too many questions regarding what it is, how will it grow for it to be used to support a business critical application or service such as email.

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