What Are Some Alternatives to Google AdWords?

There can be a number of advertisers fraught on advertising in the internet and may grab onto ineffectual and costly programs. The most popular advertising is the AdWords program used by Google which can be inconvenient to some.

If you are looking for an outstanding solution that can help you effectively advertise with less cost and you feel that the Google AdWords program may not work for you, there are alternatives to Google AdWords. If you are one of these, here are some of the alternatives to Google AdWords you would rather use:

Exit Junction offers an exceptional way to advertise and bring traffic to your site by intercepting the back command and showcasing a list of links. To illustrate, when a user searches using Google and goes to a site using the Exit Junction and when unsatisfied clicks the back option, this is when interception occurs. is another also an alternative to Google AdWords but even if they may not have the same quality is actually a partner of Google for several years. This can help you with your campaigns and conversion but remember to separate content and search.

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3 Website Design Mistakes Many Businesses Make

Need web design? Need a website design evaluation? Your website's design could have some critical problems that could be costing your company a lot of money. Read on for some important info:

If you have a business, your website can be a goldmine. It can help you attract new customers, talk to existing customers, attract top-notch talent, and help you build your brand. If your website is ineffective, though, it could hurt your business, rather than be a credit to it. Here are some mistakes many businesses make with web design.

1. Slow Loading Website

Today's web browsers have a really short attention span. If someone Googles a product or service and you're lucky enough to have top SEO rankings and have that visitor sent to your site but it takes eons to load, guess what? Your visitor will very likely hit the 'back' button and go and look at search engine ranking #2. website design elements that can slow a site down won't do you much good, no matter how impressive and gorgeous it looks once it finally loads. Maybe the current flash intro on your site (or some other slow-loading element) is turning your clients and prospects 'off'.

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Is #FollowFriday Dead?

Is the twitter phenom #FollowFriday worth your time and energy? Do you spend time each and every Friday compiling a list of those tweets you love and want to honor by giving them the friendly #FollowFriday hashtag shout out?

If you don't quite know what #FollowFriday is then you may just be one of the lucky ones. Why? After being a faithful #FollowFriday recommender for the past 9 months I've decided to abandon my commitment to #FollowFriday and am declaring here that Follow Friday is dead. Of course this is my opinion and since I'm not the official twitter trendsetter I don't imagine the proliferation of the #FollowFriday hashtag will be disappearing from our twitter streams anytime soon.

Is Follow Friday dead? What's the point?
Have you ever considered the value of #FollowFriday if any? It's popular enough to have it's own website which claims that it can rank the most recommended tweets in the twitterverse. What!? Yeah, if you get a whole ton of mentions with the #FF or #FollowFriday hashtag embedded in them, you can discover your own ranking. Does this mean anything? No... pretty much nothing. In fact, I get a whole lot of #FollowFriday recommendations every week, it goes up and down, and they are certainly friendly shouts and nice ways of being acknowledged on twitter. But those mentions are certainly not accomplishing anything, which brings me to the ultimate question is Follow Friday dead? And if it is, why do I think that? Of course Follow Friday is not totally dead, but it isn't exactly a useful use of your time either.

A recent look at my twitter account (@danielsnyder1) on shows that I gained a whopping new ONE follower this past week. How it is concluding that, that particular user decided to follow me because of a #FollowFriday tweet I have no idea...

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Why You Must Promote Your Site

Do you know why you must promote your website? Most website owners have no idea what to do in order to promote their site, but that isn't always a bad thing. Sometimes new website owners will learn more and learn quicker if they backed into a wall, which just makes them work harder and want to make more money that much quicker. If you are like most website owners then now is your time to learn why you must promote your site and how you should go about doing it.

Why you must promote your website

The whole reason to promote your website whether it is by article marketing, blog commenting, email marketing, paid traffic, or just social media is so you can be "Seen". If your website is never seen then you will never have anybody to write for, you will never make any more, and most importantly you will never stick with it.

Tips to promote your website

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5 Social Media Predictions for 2011

Ah yes, the new year. Time for reflection of all the exciting things from 2010 and a chance to look towards what is coming our way in 2011. Social media was huge in 2010, and it's only going to continue growing from here. Here are the top 5 Social Media Predictions for 2011:

1.) Facebook will continue to grow into other aspects of online usage. With Facebook's new messaging technology, more people will begin to shift the majority of their online time to Facebook. Facebook will also begin integrating and buying other social media outlets and shopping resources. Facebook will become less of a website and more of a lifestyle.

2.) Twitter will slowly begin to fade in 2011. It has seen it's rise and is beginning to look more and more like MySpace in it's decline. Twitter has slowly faded from a place to share knowledge and has practically become a gaming platform thanks to the wonderful #hashtag feature. Trends like #rememberwhen, #ifsantawasblack and #confessiontime blow up the tweetstream with useless responses.

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