Fighting SPAM: Sender Policy Frameworks (SPF) - Should I Use Them?

Fighting SPAM: Sender Policy Frameworks (SPF) - Should I Use Them?

Did you know that over 94 BILLION spam messages are sent DAILY? While that is an astronomical number, it means that each and every day we all spend time dealing with spam. If not just to delete, we have to scan it to make sure our spam filters are not getting our important email too. That's very time consuming and we all know that Time is Money!

"Sender Policy Framework (SPF) is a simple email-validation system designed to detect email spoofing by providing a mechanism to allow receiving mail exchangers to check that incoming mail from a domain comes from a host authorized by that domain's administrators. The list of authorized sending hosts for a Domain is published in the Domain Name System (DNS) records for that Domain in the form of a specially formatted TXT record. Email spam and phishing often use forged "from" addresses, so publishing and checking SPF records can be considered anti-spam techniques." Excerpt from wikipedia.

Fighting spam is a multi-pronged effort. Most people think of it from the receiving side of the house, that is having your email client weed out spam messages so you don't have to view them. But the problem is much bigger than that. We can fight spam at the generation points as well by making it harder and harder for spammers to steal, even temporarily, identities in our companies.

Over the years, SPF has become more and more widely used. Now that Google Mail and AOL have adopted the standard, SPF support continues to grow. Basically, it enables the spam filters used by the major providers in addition to open source systems such as Spam Assassin to help verify the sender of an email is properly authorized. So, if you receive an email from This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., SPF allows your spam filter to verify whether or not the email came from properly. If the email didn't originate from an authorized sender of, it can increase the rating of the email that it is spam.

SPAM comes from many sources and spoofing emails addresses enables spammers to take advantage of people by stealing our idendities. Implementing SPF is a no brainer thing all companies should do in help fight the worldwide spam problem. Internet standards are there for a reason. SPF or Sender Profile Frameworks are a small thing we can all do to help prevent the amount of spam we all have to deal with on a daily basis.

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