Email not getting through from your website?

STOP SPAM - Email not getting through from your website?

We have a former client whose website was hacked. They repeatedly show up on anti-spam blacklist filters. Being good corporate citizens we warned them of this occurance. Usually, when a website his hacked the root purpose is to send spam from the hosting server which will eventually trigger a blacklist entry.  The client was, improperly, told by their current website developers that, "blacklist providers are just trying to extort money to have your domain removed from the blacklist." WRONG!

There are a number of services out there that can be used to monitor the status of your host server and it's IP address. DMVG's checks over 130 black list providers frequently to help identify any issues with any of the websites we host and manage. The primary point is that whether or not they require money to be immediately removed from the list, where there is smoke there is fire. So, if your server or IP address ends up being blacklisted by a service, it's generally for good reason. aka SOME IS SENDING SPAM FROM YOUR SERVER!

To fix the issue, the gut reaction is to go to the service and petition for removal. This is NOT a good idea, at least not yet. Your first course of action should be to audit your website for any changed files IMMEDIATELY.  Usually, they can be spotted.  But if not, you may have to restore from a backup and then update any and all frameworks and environments such as Wordpress or Joomla. Then, once you've corrected any issues, file the petition to remove your IP address from the blacklist providers network.  Most of them will remove your IP address from the blacklist almost immediately.  

Should you pay to have it removed sooner?  That’s a question that needs to be answered on a case by case base.  Here are a couple of quick points to consider:

  • Does your website send critical information via email such as tracking information or receipts?
  • What does your website reputation mean to you?  If you’re concerned about your image, you need to take action… 
  • How quickly does the blacklist provider state that you will automatically be removed?  We generally see the paid removal ones remove the IP automatically in about 7 days AFTER the offending emails have stopped being sent.
Only you as the business owner or webmaster can really answer whether or not you want to pay for immediate removal.  In most cases, there is no fee to be removed.

Delmarva Group, LLC's premiere website Hosting service does this process for you. We will even audit your site to make sure there are no spam related activities going on, especially, when your IP address shows up on a blacklist server.