The Top 3 Threats To Your Computer Security

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If you have any type of presence on the web, use wireless technology, or use mobile devices to store information, you are subject to an attack by hackers. Any entry to your network, from an input screen to a power supply cable can be used to illegally access your IT system.

Who Is Going To Target You?

According to cybersecurity experts, there are three types of hackers.

  • State-sponsored hackers work for foreign governments and are looking for information, intellectual property, or to disrupt government activities.
  • Organized crime uses hacking techniques to hijack information to sell to others, or to siphon money from a company's accounts.
  • Hacktivists try to hijack networks to make a statement or for malicious fun. They may not be interested in money, but they are as destructive as any of the other attackers.

How They Will Attack You

There are various types of cyber attacks, but the most prevalent are:

  • Attackers using ransomware. Hackers use ransomware to deny a company access to its network. They demand a "fee" (ransom) to release the network back to the company. 
  • Hackers will establish fake hotspots at places people congregate. Coffee shops, bookstores, and shopping centers are all perfect places to create a hotspot. They disguise the hotspot as a "free" internet service. They will collect information from the people connecting to their hotspot. This can include network security credentials, passwords, and all information passed through the connecting device.
  • Juice jacking occurs when hackers access the free charging stations in public locations and install data collecting devices. The same cord used to charge phones and computers can also be used to access personal information and files stored on the phone. 

The numbers of attacks against companies increase every year. As technology changes, the types of attacks also change, but they all work to disrupt your business. 

DMVG Technologies provides technological solutions including cybersecurity services. Our skilled team of IT experts is very familiar with current hacking techniques and tracks weaknesses of emerging technology. 

Don't let your company fall victim to hackers, schedule a consultation with us. We can help you craft a cybersecurity strategy to mitigate any attacks against your company.