Cybersecurity - Top Concerns for 2017

DMVG Technology Cybersecurity

Anyone paying attention to the news in 2016 has probably heard of the growing threats that some companies have already had to meet head on.  As hackers and criminals become more sophisticated in their methods, it is even more important for businesses to ensure they prepare for anything that might occur in 2017.


According to Information Management, if 2016 was the breakout year for extorting money for encrypted data (ransomware), then 2017 promises to be a banner year for these types of threats.  Companies need to ensure they have a comprehensive backup and restoration plan for their data if an attack should occur.

Device Vulnerability

Any device that connects to a network has the potential to wreak havoc.  Hospitals in particular have increasing issues as manufacturers have developed smart medical devices monitored through hospital networks, yet they lagged behind somewhat in ensuring those devices are difficult, if not impossible to hack.  Pacemakers, infusion pumps and the like have already shown themselves less than adequate when it comes to ensuring they are ready to withstand a hacking attack.

Security for Mobile Devices and IoT

It is becoming more commonplace for employees to use mobile devices, even their own smartphones for work-related tasks.  In addition, companies are becoming more dependent on smart devices such as security systems, field operation devices, even smart devices for their physical location including lighting, ventilation, heating and air conditioning systems.  If any of these devices ever mix with a company's network, anything else on the network has the potential to be vulnerable from a smart device exploitation.

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