How Safe is Your Network with Mobile Platforms?

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One often overlooked aspect of cybersecurity is the precarious effect of adding mobile devices to your network. People get so excited about the efficiency that comes with giving greater ease of access to their employees that they can neglect to consider how much more vulnerable their network becomes as a result.

Reporter Jack Wallen from TechRepublic explains how mobile devices offering encryption are not the final solution:

The thing is, encryption will protect the data while it resides on your phone. When that data resides on a cloud service or other type of server, you're not as safe as you think you are, regardless of the platform. You're at the mercy of your provider AND yourself.

How can mobile devices weaken your network security? 

  • Hackers have found that wireless VPN connections often have weak passwords and easy system-access points.
  • Thanks to push-notification apps with automatic logins, anyone who doesn't use the lock screen on their mobile device risks giving away all their personal information to anyone who picks up that device.
  • Furthermore, the New York Times reported that the Dyn DNS company's cyber attacks of October 2016 had a disturbing source:

A new kind of malicious software exploits a long-known vulnerability in those cameras and other cheap devices that are now joining up to what has become known as the 'Internet of Things.'

What Can You Do?

It takes a team of experienced IT professionals to protect your network because hackers will never stop inventing new strategies. Plus, your IT staff cannot work in isolation. They must educate all of your staff about accidentally downloading malware. It only takes one wrong click from one person to jeopardize confidential information. 

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