Centralized Anti-Virus Systems-Is Your Business Protected?

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It doesn't seem that long ago when business owners only had a handful of PC workstations to consider when they addressed their security concerns about computer viruses and malware. All an owner needed to do was to ensure their server and a few workstations had firewalls and regular updates for their anti-virus software. Now, not only do companies most likely have more workstations, they also have employees using portable tablets, laptops, smart phones and netbooks. All of these devices most likely tie into sensitive company data. Without an organized approach that protects all these devices against malicious software, companies run the risk of corporate information getting into the wrong hands.

Most business owners know that data security is vital to their sustainability. With the increasing complexity of safeguarding against threats, many are beginning to recognize it is time to turn to over their security requirements to security experts. This frees up company personnel to do what they do best in serving their own customers.

Here at Delmarva Group, we believe a centralized anti-virus system offers the best, comprehensive approach to ensure protection of all your company's devices from external threats. We specialize in analyzing all the potential weaknesses of your current security plan and can determine which areas would benefit from increased security. Our security software can block viruses, malware and spam across all the devices used by your employees. Our software also provides content filtering to insure your employees are not landing on questionable sites that might be less than secure. We also provide an organized, cloud-based approach to backing up all your indispensable company data so that it is secure, yet easily available when needed.

If you have concerns about whether your vital data and equipment is adequately protected from hackers, malware and viruses, please contact us. We will be glad to discuss the benefits of a complete security package designed to safeguard the continued integrity of the key components of your business.