Blogging and Keeping an Up-to-Date Online Profile

Blogging and Keeping an Up-to-Date Online Profile

Let’s say someone hears about your business through a friend of a friend, and the first thing they do is Google your business name, then they do a Facebook search to try to find comments, ratings, deals, etc. When someone searches online for your business, what will they find? Will they find a credible website and up-to-date social media profiles? Because if a potential customer does not find those things, in this day-in-age, then they are likely to take their business elsewhere. Here is some website stuff you should know… tips on blogging and keeping an up-to-date profile:


Blogging regularly is a great way to give customers an up-close and personal look at your company. You can share the story of the business, share stories about yourself, and your employees as well as your products and services. Include personal stories, quotes, pictures, promotions, special deals, ads, and whatever else is going on within your company.

Social Media

Social Media is another way to give customers a chance to get to know you, the business, and your services or products. Social Media is just one way to keep your online profile relevant and up-to-date. Also, make sure you update your social media with your regular blog posts. Make sure you have an up-to-date presence on the following Social Media profiles:

  • Facebook 
  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter 
  • Instagram 
  • Pinterest


A company without a website is like a company in the old days before T.V., and internet. You need a website to be relevant in this world. You need a website to connect with potential customers. You need a website to make your online profile complete.

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