What Does Your Digital Presence Say About Your Business?

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As the digital world continues to evolve, businesses small and large are on a constant mission to stay up to date and connected with this evolution. Companies are shifting their current business framework or stepping up their ongoing digital strategies to seize their real estate in the online arena.

Being able to attract targeted visitors is a goal, being able to convert those visitors is the goal. The difference between the two is success and failure be it online or offline.

Putting your brand online shows that you are ready to compete, and care about the growth and survival of your company.

A digital presence says:

You Care About Conversions

As stated above, it is one thing to get traffic and another to convert it. If you are executing your digital strategy correctly and efficiently, tactics such as SEO (on-page, off-page, local), Content Marketing, Social Media, Email Marketing and others will not only attract your target market but help convert them as well. Companies focused on the above tactics understand and care about conversions and ROI.

You Understand The Power Of Engagement

One significant advantage that online marketing has over traditional is the ability to communicate with potential consumers in real-time. Customers want and expect engagement when interacting with your brand. This instant communication can give you insights into what your audiences require. This data allows you to provide a better customer experience while building confidence and commitment, two things every brand needs.

You Care About Your Brand Image & Reputation

While some may think the two are interchangeable, they are different even though they have some correlation. A sound digital marketing strategy says that your company cares about the past, current, and future perceptions that consumers have of your product or services (Image). It also speaks volume about your commitment to managing online public opinion of your brand's culture and policies (Reputation).

You Care About Brand Growth & Survival

Imagine we have two brick-and-mortar businesses in the same niche. Both have great ownership, customer service, products, and services. One has a cash only payment policy. The other accepts cash, checks and credit cards (in-store and online). Who do you think will have the better chance of survival in this age of technology?

How can you grow, let alone survive if your online business is missing out on targeting, capturing and converting a massive amount of your target market? In regards to the above metaphor, having a thought out online marketing campaign that builds your brand and its online presence is like the brick-and-mortar company that has a variety of payment options.


Investing in a website and Internet Marketing strategy is a smart and cost-effective solution for any business wanting to grow. It is not only enough just to have an online presence. You want one that benefits current and future customers, as well as the company's image and reputation for years to come.

Delmarva Group, LLC takes a non-cookie-cutter approach to website development and digital marketing as a whole. We turn ideas into strategies and strategies into results. For more information on how we can help build your online visibility, please contact us anytime.