What Are the Benefits of Email Marketing for Bloggers?

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Does email marketing provide any real benefit over other online marketing and content distribution? The answer is yes. And not only can it produce better returns on investment, it can produce better user engagement than other marketing strategies. Today's article explores the main benefits of an email marketing program for bloggers. 

Granted, choosing where to invest marketing dollars is not something most bloggers take lightly. However, while you must attract new visitors, you also need to keep them coming back. Regardless, you simply cannot spend a lot of time and money with something that does not deliver good results. Email marketing is cost-effective and provides the capability to reach the people most likely to visit your website and engage with your content. Could you use that?

Every time a user signs up to your blog's mailing list, there is a greater potential for:

  1. New traffic, as subscribers share your content of social media
  2. More new traffic, when emails are forwarded to friends and colleagues
  3. Immediate results, that are easily tracked for each email campaign
  4. Building excitement, as people begin to look forward to your email
  5. Personalization, as you track the success of individual campaigns
  6. Increasing your value, as you adapt your communication strategy to your audience
  7. Building credibility, as your emails keep your blog website top-of-mind

Overall, email marketing should be an important part of a comprehensive strategy for your blogging website. If you're not including email, then you are missing out on the great benefits that can improve your traffic and boost user engagement.

What haven't we covered yet that is important to you? If you would like to talk about email marketing for bloggers, or other related topics, please contact us. However, if you are a blogger already using email marketing with great results, we would love to hear your story.