The 5 Most Common Blogging Mistakes

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Are you having a hard time with blogging? Many business owners become frustrated with blogging. Nonetheless. there is no shortage of marketing experts proclaiming a blog is essential for attracting new customers, building your online reputation, and nurturing existing customer relationships. However, many companies receive results far short of expectations. Moreover, common blogging mistakes can actually cause a negative response.

Despite the benefits, there are times when blogging can create more harm than good. You write a new post expecting it to attract visitors to your website, but no one is looking at your content. Blogging is supposed to attract visitors, encourage website engagement, and spawn social shares. Furthermore, all this interaction is expected to convert visitors to sales. Without realizing it, you may be committing some of the common blogging mistakes.

1. Your content is not valuable to visitors. - Many businesses use their blog for nothing but shameless self-promotion. If a visitor is looking for "how to fix a leaking faucet," they don't want a sales pitch to call your plumbing service. Roughly 80 percent of your Blog content should be useful, informative, or entertaining. If it is not, then visitors will not subscribe to your Blog or share your posts.

2. You don't maintain a regular schedule. - A Blog is not just about attracting new visitors. It is also about building an audience. It is unlikely a person will buy the first time. In marketing, this is called effective frequency, which basically means that a consumer needs to see your message at least 3 times before buying a product or service. Visitors are unlikely to subscribe to your Blog if you post infrequently or inconsistently. This lost opportunity makes it unlikely to get a second visit.

3. You are not writing for your ideal customer. - Another concept in marketing and sales is the vital few. This is the understanding that around 80 percent of a company's sales comes from roughly 20 percent of your customers. When you identify your most important customers, you can write content that meets their needs. Many companies write too broadly and generally, trying to cast a wide net when attracting new customers. However, you don't want to ignore targeting your ideal customer.

4. You are too worried about immediate traffic. - Blogging is a marathon, not a sprint. It is not about the immediate traffic generated by a single Blog post. The value of blogging grows over time, as your website increases content, builds authority and grows an audience. Blogging is all about the numbers. Initially, one Blog post is not going to have a significant impact. It is only after you have grown your audience, through subscribers and social media followers, that an entry can provide an immediate response.

5. Your site does not provide social media sharing tools. - It is shocking how many blogs do not include social sharing buttons. Signals from social media are a major factor used by search engine algorithms for placement. If your posts do not have sharing buttons, then you cannot reasonably expect visitors to share your content, no matter how well-written or valuable. Moreover, social media is a major factor for expanding your organic reach.  

What haven't we covered that is important to you? If you would like to talk more about blogging mistakes, or need more information, please contact us.