Blogging: an Effective Inbound Marketing Tool

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Inbound marketing is 62% more cost-effective than outbound marketing, according to an infographic published by HubSpot. Of course, this shouldn't come as surprise given the fundamental principle of inbound marketing is to attract customers.

While there are dozens of different ways to platforms on which to use inbound marketing, one of the most effective is a blog. Outbound marketing techniques like cold calling and direct mail are slowly being replaced by newer and more effective techniques like blogging, and for good reason: the same infographic cited above found that 57% of businesses have acquired a customer though blogging, whereas only 42% have acquired a customer through Twitter.

But it takes more than just a barebones copy of WordPress to attract customers. If you want your blog to attract a loyal following of prospects who are eager to buy your product or service, you'll need to optimize your posts. Check out the following tips to enhance your Blog and boost sales.

Blogging Tips for Inbound Marketing Success:

  • Use tools like Google News and BuzzSumo to identify trending topics for your Blog.
  • Encourage readers to share and leave comments on your Blog posts. 
  • Use an attention-grabbing headline that compels visitors into reading the post. The headline is arguably the single most important element of a Blog post, as many people base their decision on whether or not to read a post strictly on the headline. 
  • Write posts with the reader in mind, not the search engines. 
  • Include a newsletter signup form on your Blog. 
  • Reinforce your company's brand elements when blogging (e.g. name, logo, color scheme, etc.). 
  • Include images in your Blog posts. Aside from the aesthetics benefits it offers, studies have shown that articles with images receive 94% more views than articles without them. 
  • Feature advice from leading industry figures. You can even go one step further by conducting a Q&A interview with an important person in your niche, publishing the interview as a Blog post. 
  • Break up your Blog posts into sections, avoiding the dreaded "wall of text" format.

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