Standing out from the Crowd - Leveraging your Newsletter

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A February 2011 survey by Bredin Business Information showed 85.8% of all small businesses use their website as a lead generation tool for new business. Also marketing to a list of existing customers through email and text messages show high penetration at 74.3% and 49.3% respectively. Search marketing showed a big increase from 2010 rising 36%.  While you don’t need to engage in all 15 online marketing tactics listed in the study to grow your business, it does pay to have an integrated effort in the methods you do choose to implement. -

With roughly 73% of companies using email newsletters as a marketing tool, users are being flooded with information and "newsletters."  I see it it every day.  I receive approximately 40 newsletters daily.  Most get a quick glance.  Most I've subscribed to.  Most are useful.  As a vendor, Delmarva Group, LLC (DMVG) has it's own newsletter.   DMVG Tech News.

How do we set it apart?  While the newsletter is an important marketing tool, there needs to be a reason for readers to spend the time reading it.  Specifically, ours is Information Technology focused, so we feature actionable content specific to our clients' needs.  It's a primary way for them to keep track of our opinions and recommendations combined with some industry news primarily focused on security issues.

The key is unique content.  We blog regularly.  The editing process to create those entries is utilized in many different ways.  Specifically, those blog entries are marketed via the social networks as well as being used to generate our newsletter.

The DMVG newsletter engine (Gazetty) combines our content with a template based system to allow our newsletter to have a unique look and feel than any other newsletter.  Each of our clients also has it's own newsletter format that has been custom designed and built for them.

Locating such a system for your company is vital.  There are shortcuts out there to creating newsletters that merely echo an RSS feed in an email.  These fall way short of your needs for branding and control of your content.

Remember, with 7 out of 10 of companies leverage email newsletters as a marketing tool, you need to be there and stand above the crowd.