SEO Copywriting Blueprint for Newbies

Search engine optimized copywriting doesn't have to be difficult. The following guidelines can help ensure that your content will achieve a higher rank. This will mean more visitors, hence greater visibility and success.

Tip#1-Write valuable content

Provide visitors with valuable information. If the website looks attractive but has poorly written copy, visitors will leave. Does the website offer current news in that specified niche? Is the information "evergreen"? Evergreen content is information that isn't prone to becoming outdated.

Tip#2-Everyone loves a freebie

What incentive does your website offer? Include a complimentary consultation or free offer in the call to action. Visitors need to be encouraged to take immediate action, and a site's call to action should kindle a sense of urgency. For instance, "sign up today for complimentary admission to XYZ concert" sounds more inviting than "click here to read more about the XYZ concert."


Go back and read what you actually wrote. Do you even understand the message? As the writer, if you don't understand the message, neither will your audience. Write for the reader, and then write for the search engines. Don't use keywords that sound out of place, and don't "keyword stuff." This "black hat" SEO technique- using too many keywords on one page- is discouraged by SEO professionals, and will decrease your website's overall rank.

Tip#4- Use bold and italics

The eye is attracted to copy that stands out from the rest. Highlight key messages and points with bold and italics. But don't go overboard. Don't give your readers eyestrain by overdoing it on the bold and italics.

Tip#5-Use well-researched keywords

Research keywords before using them in web copy. Utilize free online resources such as and Google's search-based keyword tool. Create lists of keyword phrases relevant to how visitors would actually search the site. Don't create lists based on how you would search your website. Think like your visitors and use reader-based keywords around the product s and services that you offer.

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