Microsoft, Adobe, Google and even some DMVG stuff...

Throughout this interesting week, things at DMVG have been progressing along nicely.  But first, let's talk about the news.

Microsoft's Sidekick environment had a major problem this week loosing about 800,000 clients data.  A later report stated that it was recovered.  Whether or not it has been restored is another issue altogether.  While we're on the Microsoft topic, a recent report stats that Windows 7 should fare better than Vista on corporate PCs. Well, duh... after corporations spent money to upgrade hardware to be ready for an operating system they would eventually NOT upgrade too.  And yes, that's what the article was about... hardware readiness.  Lastly in the Microsoft camp, it was patch week.  And wow... Microsoft and Adobe really did things up.

We saw the Battle of the Smart Phones taking off.  But at the same time, we also have to recognize that state of the mobile web is getting sadder. We're just glad we use iPhones and that they include a "mostly full" browser so we don't have to use the mobile web.

Microsoft wasn't the only one losing users' data, Apple seemed to have that problem too.  Apple's problems didn't end there.  The TimeCapsule product is also enjoying a bit of poor press.

Even the usually unflappable Google had issues, this time with a purchased product.  Postini suffered delays.


In DMVG news, we've been working very hard for a couple of high impact clients to build a newsletter system.  Yep, we think it's time to revisit this old topic.  As you can guess, we're doing it better, faster and stronger than we've seen anyone do it yet... so stay tuned.  Hop on the mailing list for more.  Register for an account at Delmarva Group and you'll be kept up to date.