Generating Traffic Through Article Marketing

Article writing is fast growing as more and more people are understanding the concept of generating traffic through it. Making the simple idea work requires some hardwork. You must understand the needs of your customer and create articles accordingly.

Typically at the bottom of the article in most directories you have a small place holder to put in your information called article resource box. You update your squeeze page link address there. So if someone was actually interested in your article to read it till the end, there is a good chance that they would click on the link.

The squeeze page is something that you would have encountered many times when you clicked on such links. These request for your mail address and in return gives you some small gift or prize.

If you provide the mail address and the name, you would be rewarded with a gift which is sent to your mail box. This gives you the contact of the person who is really interested in what you have to offer and then you start promoting your website and business to the person.

This is a simple concept on paper. For it to succeed in real life, you need to ensure that you are not treating your client just as a mail box. Try to establish a relation with the client and gain his trust. The aim here is not to bloat your list with useless contact details, but get interested customers and encourage purchasing what you have to offer.

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