Need 15 GB of cloud storage?


Who doesn’t need an extra 15 GB of sync-able, cloud based storage?  While we were setting up our Drobo 5N (review coming soon) we were checking out the software for it, and was one of them.  

The short story: 15 GB of cloud based storage that can be accessed by different devices via different channels. 

So far.. things are working nicely.  It’s installed on my Mac right there next to dropbox and google drive.  This one drive allows me to copy and store all current client files in the cloud and access them from all of my devices, which is important to me as I have several computers that I man work on at any given time.

While it’s a bit early to give a full on recommendation, I can say that I’m quite pleased with the performance of this free service.

Oh, and their concept of sharing is awesome.  As they put it, if three people share a 300MB file, each person only antes up their part… so only 100MB of disk use would be held against each person who shares that file.  Compare that to dropbox…. 

Of course, they support large file sharing and everything else you’d expect.

So, if you’re in the market for some cloud storage… check it out!