Hopefully You Got the Memo: The Importance of a Website for Business


Please excuse our pun, but in 2020 it is glaringly obvious that businesses need to compete and increase brand recognition. We live in an extremely competitive time, and if you don't have a website that customers can use to get important information about your products and services, the painful truth is: You probably aren't doing everything you can to compete.

All Hail the King, Content

There was a time in our far distant past when websites weren't such an integral piece of the puzzle, and the content you created surrounding your business and brand was forever written in bold copy on brochures, flyers, postcard mailers, and the like. Traditional marketing tactics always relied on the quality of your content and marketing, but in the past we've not so gracefully referenced, you were mostly talking to other business owners and potential customers. Nowadays, your content needs to be digital, and it needs to be extremely relevant.

Why? We're glad you asked....

The content of your website is now responsible for much more than advertising and promotion, it is responsible for the way that search engines view you. Search engines like Google and Bing use the content of your website to rank your business amongst a sea of competitors, and they are expecting you to compel and captivate. Your website should represent the best version of your brand, and offer customers valuable answers that are relevant to the topics you can help them with. You'll need to keep things friendly, informative, and plentiful. Having a website is important, but your content is king.

Here's Looking at You, On all Devices, Mobile, etc.

People are using their cell phones and other mobile connected devices more than ever, and your website will need to be easily accessible to all. The "responsiveness" of your website is a hot topic amongst web designers and developers for good reason; if you're not considering that your visitors are attempting to find you on their phones, you are again missing out on important opportunities for growth.

Your logos, product images, portfolios, and everything visual need to render quickly, smoothly, and correctly across all devices.

Social Creatures

We're social creatures by nature, and our digital selves are simply an extension of our real life, brick and mortar existence. Tools like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter are used by millions to access information about your products and service offerings. Your website should you, visitors, and search engines a way to connect the dots while finding your social media accounts across different channels easily.

Search engines, especially, use cues from social media to judge the relevance of your business within a specific niche, and this comes back to the importance that they give to your website(which you need to revamp or LAUNCH, just in case you needed to hear that).

Keep It Simple...Sort of

As we paint the picture of all the things a website should be doing for you, let's not neglect the simple things. Your website is in reality a specific point of reference and contact for the real people visiting it.

Having customer service offerings like live chat, contact forms, and important phone numbers are basic ways that your website can become another extension of your business. Offering things like FAQ(Frequently Asked Questions) and other problem solving information online will eliminate some of the strain on your internal teams, no matter what type of business you are running.

Think of your website as another employee, partner, or perhaps a fully automated robot that wants to help drive sales and improve efficiency for you. 

All Things Equal

A website is simply a must have, and we'd like to talk to you about your current or future efforts in the digital space. Contact us for a quick chat.