What Every Business Needs from Their Website Home Page

DMVG Website Development

Every website on the internet has a home page. Personal blogs, poetry sites, photo sharing hubs, and song lyric databases all have home pages, but the home page of your business website is something special. It's not just the first page of your online venue, it's not just a place for links to other parts of the site. It is your primary landing page. 

The home page is where every viewer finds themselves when they enter in your URL. It's where Google sends them when they search for your company and it's where potential customers find themselves time and time again navigating through your website. In other words, it's your primary online contact point between you, your leads, and your clients.

Naturally, when designing the central page of your website, you want your webmasters at the very top of their game. The page needs to be attractive, pleasing to the eye, and easy to navigate. It needs to represent your company and somehow generate the way you want clients to feel about your services. While this is a lot to ask from one little web page, modern web design technology allows for this and much more as long as your designers know what to do.

Creating an Attractive Design

No other company is quite like yours, and your website home page should reflect this. Make sure every asset you use is unique to your team, message, products, and/or company culture. Whatever your company cares most about, make that absolutely clear on the home page by featuring it front and center. If you pride yourself on environmentally responsible business practices, imagery of trees and wind turbines might be just the ticket. If you make the best orthopedic running shoes in the business, a pair dancing feet wearing your sneakers could show your visitors the joy you'd like to bring them with your custom footwear. 

A Few Notes on Style Choices

  • Visible text 100% of the time, especially against picture backgrounds
  • Parallax scrolling over a large background image
  • The layout should guide the eye toward your best assets and useful links
  • Keep it simple and uncluttered
  • Choose a pleasant unifying color scheme

Making it Easy to Navigate

After being aethetically pleasing and connecting visually to your visitors, the next thing you need from a home page is easy navigation. While creativity is great, it's important to have all the standard elements people have come to expect. Customers should be able to quickly identify your primary links like 'About', 'Services', 'Products', and 'Contact Us'. While playing with the color scheme, ensure that your search bar remains clearly visible, as this is a common web design mistake made by some of the otherwise best designed websites on the internet. Next, you need to make sure your footer is present and populated. All those little links most people never need, but a few always do, go down there.

Your Footer Should Include

  • Street Address
  • Office or HQ Phone Number
  • Support Email Address
  • Career Opportunities
  • Terms of Use and Privacy Policy
  • Your Logo

Your Footer Can Include

  • Product or Service Categories
  • Other Helpful Navigation Links
  • Policy Details
  • Social Media Links

Available on Multiple Platforms

Designing an attractive, engaging, and helpful website will only take you so far if only people with PCs can access and make sense of it. Modern business websites need to be accessible from every size of device, from the widest screen computer monitor to the smallest smartphone. This means your design needs to be dynamic and modular so that it can rearrange itself in a way that is still aesthetically pleasing and easy to navigate, even if only one or two assets are visible at a time. However, balancing these elements is often why many companies opt for a website and a separate mobile app that can handle mobile duties more smoothly.

No matter what kind of business you run, from appliance repairs to fashion retail, your home page is the face you show the world, and you want the world to see you at your best. For more information about how to build your website or for a consultation with our IT experts, contact us today!