Why responsive websites are so important for business

Responsive Websites

In today's technological world, web sites are mandatory for any business looking to thrive in the marketplace. But not just any site will make an impact on potential customers; it is also necessary to have a responsive website.

When a website is "responsive", it can be viewed on any sized screen with equal quality of design. Most likely, you have seen websites that aren't responsive--while they are nice on a computer, on a phone their font is tiny and you have to zoom in to click on buttons. The key to having a successful business is not having those issues, and here's a few reasons why.

  • People are becoming increasingly reliant on their phones. How often do you go to your computer to look something up? Chances are, you do most of your internet-surfing online or through social media. You are not alone; according to one study, 50% of Americans also reach for their phones to do searches.
  • A responsive website will look more professional on desktop too. Even among laptop and desktop computers, screen sizes vary. Using a responsive website will help you avoid your content being too small for the screen and the ugly space-fillers that come with that. Additionally, if a customer resizes the window, they will still be able to see all of your content.

With a more professional look for both mobile and desktop interfaces, having a responsive website is a must for any sized business. If you have any questions about the merit of responsivity or need help implementing it on your site, contact us.