Website Workflow and Building Customer Relationships

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Great!  You've finally gained a web presence online for your small business.  You listed your business name, your location and contact information and what product or service you offer.  Now you might think the next step is to simply step back and wait for new business to flow in.

You most likely will win some new business by having an online presence, but a website is really much more than that.  In previous decades, small businesses would advertise in local newspapers, magazines or perhaps even run TV ads.  A clever jingle or a humorous skit was enough to build your brand and connect with customers.  Of course, newspaper and particularly TV ads, were quite expensive and some small companies could never afford such large expenditures.

The great thing about having a website and incorporating the philosophy that a website is really a business workflow mechanism, is that it offers even the smallest business a relatively inexpensive way to interact with potential and current customers.  By incorporating a customer relationship management system into your website, it turns your static web page, consisting of business name and location, into a dynamic interaction between you and your clients.  Many people, especially younger generations, do not even make phone calls anymore.  Instead, they interact with others through texting or perhaps an email and this is how they interact with companies as well.  Those businesses who understand that an online mechanism for relating to their customers is just as important as a company phone number will increase their customer base.

With the effective use of a customer relationship management system, businesses can show their customers they are responsive to their clients, they care about providing great service to their customers and they can convey a positive, personal tone that reflects their corporate personality and commitment to excellence.

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