Drawbacks To The Mobile Computing Device

Drawbacks To The Mobile Computing Device

The mobile computing device is definitely awe to everybody. As it was introduced in the 21st century, it suddenly opened horizons and introduced practically limitless opportunities to the society. However, having such a powerful device at hand was not as powerful as everybody thought it would be. Naturally, the mobile computing device still had its own boundaries that were yet to be filled.

It may be true that the World Wide Web is the source for anything and everything. However, the greatly overwhelming sources of specific information and data actually pose the threats for plagiarism and violation of property rights. Since there are no formal rules of making an online document valid, the information that it delivers may at times be unoriginal and inaccurate.

Mobile Computing: Leading to Necessity Or Practicality?

People become oblivious to the fact that information is something to be handled with care. While some may become careless with data and give no regard to their validity, you have every reason to believe that this can eventually lead to a dishonest society. Furthermore, although mobile computing devices are 'portable', they still require electricity to optimize their battery life. At times when a power outlet is not available, then the mobile device must solely rely on its battery. Such instances mean that people sometimes opt for unrealistically expensive batteries that allow the mobile devices to sustain longer battery life. In turn, people are moved with necessity instead of practicality.

Weak Wireless Connection Spots

Since the mobile computing device is continuously receiving more and more consumers, it becomes even more difficult for networks to provide sufficient bandwidth to them. These networks are usually confined in a limited area and at times, the area may be filled with consumers trying to make use of the same source of internet access.

Also, the usage of mobile internet access such as GPRS and EDGE may be a viable solution to the problem but the disadvantage lies on their slower connections. Having mobile computing devices may not always literally let people connect everywhere. There are still sites and places where wireless connections are either unavailable or weak. Spots such as tunnels and basement areas are examples of weak wireless connection spots. There are even times when the location of the nearest signal point is too far from the connection to be stable enough. Likewise, natural calamities such as storms can definitely interfere with the reception of wireless signal.

Mobile Computing On Bringing Potential Health Hazards

It may be true that not everything can be achieved in one simple means. Such may all the more encourage developers to think of innovative ideas that can further enhance the mobile computing device, making it go beyond its boundaries.

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