Do You Strategize Business Strategy With Your CIO? - You Should


No business would consider making significant changes to any of their business processes without first consulting their chief financial officer (CFO).  It is clear that significant change can only occur if there is enough cash flow to accommodate any modifications or additions to current structures, new investments or any of the other multitude of changes that a company's upper management might want to institute. 

The health and welfare of a company's financial picture is always recognized as a strategic factor when making major decisions.  In this day and age, where information technology provides a vital service for almost every business function, it seems ill-advised that a company would not also strategize business decisions with their CIO.

The technological aspects of conducting a business on a daily basis have become as essential as ensuring the financial aspects of corporate life are operating smoothly.  Even small to medium-sized businesses are, for the most part, completely dependent upon technology in order to provide the proper service or products they deliver to their customers. 

If a particular business is looking to expand into new markets or perhaps add physical space to their current building structures or make major changes in the way they conduct a specific business process, these types of developments can have significant impact upon technology resources.  Just as cash or credit are essential resources needed to implement changes, so are software applications and hardware. 

CIOs can offer relevant information about the technological impact of any proposed additions or changes.  They are also able to provide feedback on whether proposals are technologically feasible and if so, what new equipment or software would be needed to support the company's new strategies.  A CIO can develop a measured plan to ensure that any IT transitions necessary, are performed in a timely manner with minimal interruption for both employees and customers.

Recognizing the essential role your company's CIO plays in strategic business planning will only become more important over time, not less.  For more information on how your CIO can help you grow your business in order for it to flourish in the 21st century, please contact us.