• Don't Get Stuck in the Dark Ages!

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    It is no secret that the use of mobile technology is growing, from phones to tablets the market has seen an almost unprecedented growth in the past three years. With Millennials taking over the workforce and Generation Z not far behind, we would be fools not to realize this trend will continue. So why then are so many companies resisting moving toward mobile-friendly websites? It is understandable that the investment seems expensive and time-consuming, but here are five of the many reasons it is not only worth it but ultimately essential.

    1. Mobile Friendly Applies to More Than Just Phones:

  • It's April 21st (Mobilegeddon)... How is your mobile search ranking doing?

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    April 21, 2015…. It doesn’t quite have the ring that April 15th does…. But for those of us with websites, it could be just as important.  It's Mobilegeddon day.... 

    Today is the day that Google officially uses a site's mobile access capabilities as a ranking criteria.  Now, before you click over to and do a search, note that this is specifically more prominent when the search happens via mobile device.

  • Should You Have a BYOD Policy at Your Company?

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    Small businesses are finding an easy way to cut down their hardware costs by letting employees use personal devices to do work. There are a few reasons why this might be a good idea: low upfront costs and employee convenience are definitely benefits. When you run a small business that can't offer the same salary, health insurance deals, or long-term security as larger, established companies, you have to get creative. But there are some circumstances when you should absolutely prohibit the practice, and several reasons not to do it no matter what.