• Discover How Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Really Works

    Search Engine Optomization (SEO)

    Many small business owners and entrepreneurs have a very limited understanding of search engine optimization. They often perceive SEO as a formula of best practices that includes such things as keyword frequency, meta tags, image ALT text, and other coding techniques. Nevertheless, you will find many business websites that follow and adhere to these formulaic best practices lists, yet they never rank well nor do they attract a lot of traffic. This is because search engine optimization is far more complicated than is often represented in articles.

  • Is Keyword Research Important for Inbound Marketing?


    When it comes to search engine optimization (SEO), keyword research is vital for ranking on results pages. However, there is a strong argument that keywords are not as important for inbound marketing blog content. One goal of inbound marketing is to attract and build an audience who closely resembles your ideal customer, but who are not necessarily at the decision-making stage. Consequently, a portion of your blog content will focus on your target's interests, goals, and values. The SEO of these Blog posts is less about the best performing industry keywords and more about the search user's intent, language, and context.

  • It's April 21st (Mobilegeddon)... How is your mobile search ranking doing?

    Google search on a mobile device, ipad

    April 21, 2015…. It doesn’t quite have the ring that April 15th does…. But for those of us with websites, it could be just as important.  It's Mobilegeddon day.... 

    Today is the day that Google officially uses a site's mobile access capabilities as a ranking criteria.  Now, before you click over to and do a search, note that this is specifically more prominent when the search happens via mobile device.

  • So you have a new website but what about SEO?

    SEO - Search Engine Optimization Graphic

    SEO is at the heart of connecting with your current and future clients. Therefore, it must be considered when you create and build a new website. Search engine optimization (SEO) allows people to enter search terms or keywords into a search engine and receive the best possible results for their query. For the purposes of your website, several items must be included for your pages to come up as the results for the products or services you sell. Even if you don't "sell" anything, instead provide information or free products, the SEO process works exactly the same way. Here are the areas that must be SEO-optimized for best results in search.