• 10 Reasons Your Business Needs a Website

    10 Reasons Your Business Needs a Website

    After bringing advanced technologies and techniques to businesses for decades, it is surprising how many companies still do not have a website. Unless you are not interested in growing your business, your company does need a website. It is not about selling online, it is about bringing value to your customers. Below is a list of reasons why every Delaware business really does need a website.

  • 3 Important Principles for Choosing the Perfect Domain Name

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    Any online project needs a good name. And sure, your company might already have an established online presence, but what if you decide to revamp your current site, start a separate company blog or what if a friend asks for domain advice and you have no good ideas to give?

    Domain names are the most immediate representation of a brand online, and having a great Domain name can go a long way.

    Here are three important principles for choosing the perfect domain name.

  • 5 Ways Your Site Can Devastate Your Business

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    So you’ve got a website. Great, you are one of the billions of others competing for customer attention in the global marketplace that is the web. However, as a responsible website owner, your work does not stop on launch day. Maintaining a website is a constant battle against design trends, would-be attackers, and the technology that holds it all together. Here are five ways that your website can devastate your business and fail to bring you and your customers benefits.

    Technology has Left Your Site Behind

  • Don't Get Stuck in the Dark Ages!

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    It is no secret that the use of mobile technology is growing, from phones to tablets the market has seen an almost unprecedented growth in the past three years. With Millennials taking over the workforce and Generation Z not far behind, we would be fools not to realize this trend will continue. So why then are so many companies resisting moving toward mobile-friendly websites? It is understandable that the investment seems expensive and time-consuming, but here are five of the many reasons it is not only worth it but ultimately essential.

    1. Mobile Friendly Applies to More Than Just Phones:

  • Four Tips for Converting Website Visitors into Leads and Customers

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    Getting people to your business website is hard work. Getting them to convert into leads, subscribers or customers is even harder. According to Nielsen Norman Group most people stay on a website less than a minute. That does not give you a lot of time to grab visitors' attention, let alone convince them to buy your product or service. The good news is that there are things that you can do to increase your website conversion rates.

  • It's April 21st (Mobilegeddon)... How is your mobile search ranking doing?

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    April 21, 2015…. It doesn’t quite have the ring that April 15th does…. But for those of us with websites, it could be just as important.  It's Mobilegeddon day.... 

    Today is the day that Google officially uses a site's mobile access capabilities as a ranking criteria.  Now, before you click over to and do a search, note that this is specifically more prominent when the search happens via mobile device.

  • So you have a new website but what about SEO?

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    SEO is at the heart of connecting with your current and future clients. Therefore, it must be considered when you create and build a new website. Search engine optimization (SEO) allows people to enter search terms or keywords into a search engine and receive the best possible results for their query. For the purposes of your website, several items must be included for your pages to come up as the results for the products or services you sell. Even if you don't "sell" anything, instead provide information or free products, the SEO process works exactly the same way. Here are the areas that must be SEO-optimized for best results in search.

  • The 3 Things Your Website Should Be Doing, But Isn’t

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    Almost every business owner understands a presence on the web is essential. For some though, their web presence doesn't seem to have added much to their business in the way of increased clientele. If you have a site that is suffering from less than ideal web traffic, here are 3 things your website should be doing, but perhaps is not.

    • Incorporating customer interaction through reviews 
    • Increasing traffic through a mobile-friendly site 
    • Ensuring your site is fresh and up-to-date
  • Three Risks of Shared Hosting on the Web

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    When you are creating a website, one of the first questions that comes up is the choice between dedicated hosting and shared Hosting. 

    Simply put, dedicated Hosting is when your website occupies its own server, independent from other websites and users. Shared Hosting, on the other hand, opens your server up to other sites and creates a community server. 

  • Tips to Increase First-Time Visitors to your Website


    A business need customers, both long-term ones and new ones, in order to continue to prosper and grow. By providing your best customer service, good products, and great services, you can keep your customers coming back again and again. However, it can be a little more tricky getting new customers. One way to get new customers is by using your website to its full potential.

    Here are some tips to increase first-time visitors to your website.

  • Website Workflow and Building Customer Relationships

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    Great!  You've finally gained a web presence online for your small business.  You listed your business name, your location and contact information and what product or service you offer.  Now you might think the next step is to simply step back and wait for new business to flow in.

    You most likely will win some new business by having an online presence, but a website is really much more than that.  In previous decades, small businesses would advertise in local newspapers, magazines or perhaps even run TV ads.  A clever jingle or a humorous skit was enough to build your brand and connect with customers.  Of course, newspaper and particularly TV ads, were quite expensive and some small companies could never afford such large expenditures.

  • What Does Your Digital Presence Say About Your Business?

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    As the digital world continues to evolve, businesses small and large are on a constant mission to stay up to date and connected with this evolution. Companies are shifting their current business framework or stepping up their ongoing digital strategies to seize their real estate in the online arena.

    Being able to attract targeted visitors is a goal, being able to convert those visitors is the goal. The difference between the two is success and failure be it online or offline.

  • What Every Business Needs from Their Website Home Page

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    Every website on the internet has a home page. Personal blogs, poetry sites, photo sharing hubs, and song lyric databases all have home pages, but the home page of your business website is something special. It's not just the first page of your online venue, it's not just a place for links to other parts of the site. It is your primary landing page. 

    The home page is where every viewer finds themselves when they enter in your URL. It's where Google sends them when they search for your company and it's where potential customers find themselves time and time again navigating through your website. In other words, it's your primary online contact point between you, your leads, and your clients.

  • What is Cloud Hosting?

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    In the information age, every company and a vast percentage of individuals are Hosting websites, often two or three at a time for various purposes. From big corporate websites to personal blog sites, there's no limit to the ways in which people can put their data and services on the internet for others across the globe to access, but this process doesn't happen automatically. Websites don't build themselves and the data has to be stored somewhere accessible in order to be reached by the world wide web. At-home Hosting is always an option, but with the undeniable power of the cloud, most people are turning to virtual Hosting for the accessibility, consistency, and the awesome perks offered by Hosting companies. If you have or are considering creating a website, virtual Hosting has an amazing amount to offer.