Don't Get Stuck in the Dark Ages!

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It is no secret that the use of mobile technology is growing, from phones to tablets the market has seen an almost unprecedented growth in the past three years. With Millennials taking over the workforce and Generation Z not far behind, we would be fools not to realize this trend will continue. So why then are so many companies resisting moving toward mobile-friendly websites? It is understandable that the investment seems expensive and time-consuming, but here are five of the many reasons it is not only worth it but ultimately essential.

1. Mobile Friendly Applies to More Than Just Phones:

Many people forget or don’t realize that mobile-friendly sites are used by tablets as well. When you take a look at how quickly the tablet market is growing and replacing both PC’s and laptops, it is terrifying to realize the number of customers you will be unable to reach if you remain without a mobile friendly website. Studies conducted by Gear have shown that within five years most people may be without PC’s and laptops. Without a mobile-friendly website you are looking at 80% of possible clients that you would be unable to service.

2. It is Expected:

Five years is plenty of time to develop an adequate website you might think, but the hard truth is if you do not adapt now your company might not exist in five years. Millennials are shopping, working, and looking at your website now. They not only expect that your website is mobile friendly, they all but demand it. A 2012 Google study showed that 61% of users exit a site immediately if it is not mobile friendly. A whopping 74% of users were unlikely to return to a website if it did not meet their needs or expectations. In a generation that revolves around mobile devices, it is imperative to appear tech-savvy and knowledgeable to earn business. Your website can either help or hurt this image tremendously.

3. Access Anywhere:

Have you ever been out and realized that you needed/wanted something urgently? In the current market, this happens all the time and users typically turn to their phone to purchase whatever they need. We live in an instant gratification society, so waiting is not an option. If the client cannot get what they are looking for on your site, they will turn to another. Even in the best case scenario they decide to do it later and could quickly forget once the moment has passed.

4. Google May Penalize You:

Google is just as large a part of our daily lives as technology. The fact that “googled” is in Webster’s dictionary is a sign that they are not a power to be taken lightly. It is, of course, Google’s job to provide the quickest, most accurate, and most useful websites. Because of this, websites that have corresponding mobile-friendly versions are often listed first. Otherwise, they could risk providing sites that don’t work on their client’s devices. So if your website does not comply with mobile standards, it is very likely that it will not show up until a much lower page during a Google search. The same goes for Bing, Yahoo, and MSN.

5. Technology Is Only Moving Forward:

The reasons included in this list will only become more valid as time goes on. Eventually, only mobile websites will be used. Researchers can try to predict when this will happen, but the conversion is so rapid that no one can know for sure. The easiest way to make sure you are doing the best for your business is to work on being mobile friendly now!

If your website is not mobile-friendly, NOW is the time to fix it. If you are unsure of your mobile readiness, contact your website developer or ask us, and we'll be happy to help.