Web Hosting: Design Comes Standard

It appears there is a misconception regarding what internet hosting signifies. Many webpage owners think internet Hosting is just the host where the site is stored for access by online visitors.

An internet host DOES offer this service, nevertheless an internet host is basically a provider who provides a range of services to move a website from dream to fact. Internet Hosting is about more than just Hosting the site.

A standard internet host usually keep up with unique technologies, monitor site uptime, boost existing hardware and supply the tools we need to launch the site.

For example, an internet host can provide graphic design and development services, but rarely does a designer offer internet Hosting services.

If the impetus of internet Hosting is to offer a superior services then the popular view of internet designer because a separate function of internet host might have to be challenged.

If a Hosting provider that offers the following elements can be found, the need for a separate designer diminishes greatly.

1) Updated software development.
2) Website monitoring plus uptime guarantees.
3) Regular upgraded hardware.
4) Comprehensive shape templates with wide choices for customization plus development.

These choices create a full-service internet host that can empower you to have more control over the design and delivery aspects of your internet site. This approach allows you to be in total control of the project.

Web Hosting has been denigrated to a separate function of website design, but it doesn’t have to be this way, and shouldn’t be this way.

Web designers will leverage a company’s opinion that design and Hosting are two separate functions against them. They will charge for the site design and offer “free” Hosting. The catch is that Hosting for a year and building a site with a template approach, can be far more cost effective and just as marketing effective as doing the whole site from scratch.

Understandably this may be a view that you’re not used to hearing. But the fact is that this approach can provide a welcome environment in which to market your company and grow your only presence with an affordable, pay as you go package.

In several instances a internet designer spends most their time designing and keeping websites and have small time left over for site monitoring, uptime guarantees and standard hardware upgrades. Sometimes, however, this is more a factor of their workload than their desire to deliver a substandard Hosting product.

Leveraging a good website host, such as The Delmarva Group, LLC, along with a templated website design and an open source CMS can provide organizations with a cost effective means to build, manage and leverage an effective internet presence.

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