An Introduction to Pinterest

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In the simplest sense, Pinterest is a virtual pin board. You probably have the real thing at home or in your workplace. It's a pretty useful thing to have as it keeps you organized and thatís exactly what Pinterest can do for you on the Web. There are many other ways in which this social website can be an asset to your business. Moreover, it can also be useful in your personal life.

With Pinterest, you can:

  • Collect photos of styles, decor, and furniture that can help you with room makeovers and renovations.
  • Create a virtual cookbook of gluten-free or easy-to-do recipes you can use when entertaining guests at home.
  • Gather together all the images of the book covers of the latest releases from your favorite authors and books you want to read

These are but a few examples of how Pinterest can be a vital part of your life. These very features can also be a way of marketing your business if you were an interior designer, a chef, or a writer respectively. According to one study, a photo is generally equivalent to 1.8 million words. Imagine then how many words you're able to share with your market with a collection of well chosen photos pinned to your pin boars in Pinterest.

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