How to Make Pinterest a Competitive Advantage for Your Online Business

How to Make Pinterest a Competitive Advantage for Your Online Business

Pinterest may not be an actual competitive advantage since it can't be unique to your business, but it can be the platform for distinguishing your online business from the rest of the competition. Photos are one of the most powerful marketing tools at your disposal and most of the time, they're free for you to use. With a little creativity and Pinterest know-how, they can also be the key to larger profit margins for your company.

What Should You Pin?

Always keep your photos children-friendly for starters since underage users may stumble on your pins from time to time. It wouldn't do you good at all if your account gets reported or ñ worse ñ banned for posting inappropriate or offensive content. Other than that, you should concentrate on photos or images that effectively define your company's strengths.

  • Pictures of your products
  • Images of people ñ especially famous personalities ñ making use of your products or services
  • Photos that capture the essence of your workplace, your company culture, and employees having a good time working for your business
  • Scenes from your marketing video
  • Infographics
  • Customer testimonials, reviews, ratings, or feedback
  • Awards and other forms of recognition

When Should You Pin?

In order to enjoy maximum exposure for your pins, they have to go live at the same time your target market is likely to be online. Obviously, this would require you to invest a bit of your time and effort in profiling your target market. The factors listed below may help you better establish your target market's schedule for Internet access.

  • Age range ñ Are they more likely to be of age to go to work, in retirement, or are they likely still attending school?
  • Device or equipment ñ How are they likely to access the Internet? If they use mobile devices then they'll probably be online most times of the day.
  • Location ñ Take note of different time zones!

Why Should They Like or Repin Your Photos?

And finally, the most important question of all ñ What can you do in order for people to share your work either by simply liking it or repinning it to their boards?

  • Relevance - The photos must always be of value to your customers. 
  • Unique - They must be something that they would not have stumbled on their own or ñ better yet ñ something you originally posted. This gives them "first dibs" for sharing your work. As far as most Internet users are concerned, being the "first" one to share unique and powerful content online is a privilege.
  • Connection - Photos should also create some kind of connection with your customers. It should evoke an emotion that they would like other people to experience as well.

Now, it's also important that you make repinning as easy as possible for your customers. Include links or buttons for Follow me on Pinterest or Pin It with every image you have posted in your blog or website. You can get such buttons for free from Pinterest in their Goodies page. As much as possible, include a quick and sweet call to action at the end for readers to repin your image or like it in Pinterest.

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