How Long Does it Take to See a Return from Blogging?

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Blogging is not an online marketing strategy that provides overnight results. However, blogging can provide long-term growth with a greater return on investment compared to other options, such as pay-per-click campaigns. Regardless, it is easy to start to doubt blogging's effectiveness when results are not immediate. As with most things, success relies on focus and persistence. Bluntly, most who fail at blogging simply lack the commitment. 

Take a moment to consider the issue of focus and persistence with this analogy. Every new year, thousands of people make the resolution to lose weight and get fit. Nevertheless, after a few short weeks, many will throw up their hands, proclaiming their diet and exercise plan is not providing sufficient results. They need to drop 80 pounds, but losing .5 to 1 pound a week is not worth the time or effort. That said, a year later, those who stick with it are fit, slim, and running marathons. The only difference is one person had the foresight and patience to do the work, and the other did not. Blogging requires a similar commitment.

How long does is take to see a return from blogging? Ask 10 experts, and you will get 11 answers. Regardless, there are several factors that determine how long it will take. This includes things like the posting schedule, quality of the content, and effective distribution. Be that as it may, you could see a return in as few as 6 months or as long as 18 months. Regardless, the main benefit of blogging is perpetual dividends paid out almost indefinitely. Would that be of benefit to your business?

The effective half-life of a blog post is roughly 9 months, with the full value realized in 36 months. In other words, if a blog generates 5000 visitors in the first 9 months, it is reasonable to expect another 5000 visitors over the next 27 months. How much would 10000 unique visitors cost your company using a pay-per-click campaign? Most likely, the cost of the Blog entry will generate more organic traffic than an equivalent amount spent for paid traffic. Even so, those returns do not come from infrequent posting, weak content, and no distribution strategy. Just like going to the gym, putting in a half-hearted effort will produce lackluster results.

Ultimately, the best strategy is to have a six-month benchmark. When you first start blogging, you will drive yourself crazy if you monitor week to week analytics. Simply focus on creating great content, on a consistent schedule, and sharing across social media. Google and the other search engines love fresh content, and once they recognize you are regularly producing Blog entries, you can expect even the older posts to add to your traffic. Over time, you will see incremental growth in your organic search traffic, Blog subscribers, and social media followers.

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