Is Your Website Designed to Provide Access For A Person With A Disability?


Today, there is a lot of focus on making website “responsive.”  Responsive websites are websites that morph their interface based upon the device used to view it.  So, it may look different if it’s viewed on a Cellphone or Tablet Computer than it does from a workstation.  It’s an important focus, but it does it properly address people with a disability?  

The World Wide Web is classified as a form of Information and Communications Technology, or ICT. Laws and policies regarding ICT accessibility that are already in existence are being considered in terms of the Internet. In addition, more and more legislation addressing ICT accessibility is being enacted around the world.

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Building Your First Website: "The 5 Key Pages that Lead to Success!"

Building your first website

Building your first website or your first draft of your website can seem like a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be.

First you have to approach it from the creative perspective.  It should be a fun outlet to tell the world about your business.

We’ve worked building and hosting websites since 2002 and here are some of the best points we’ve learned about the 5 basic pages every website needs:

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