Don't Get Stuck in the Dark Ages!

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It is no secret that the use of mobile technology is growing, from phones to tablets the market has seen an almost unprecedented growth in the past three years. With Millennials taking over the workforce and Generation Z not far behind, we would be fools not to realize this trend will continue. So why then are so many companies resisting moving toward mobile-friendly websites? It is understandable that the investment seems expensive and time-consuming, but here are five of the many reasons it is not only worth it but ultimately essential.

1. Mobile Friendly Applies to More Than Just Phones:

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5 Ways Your Site Can Devastate Your Business

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So you’ve got a website. Great, you are one of the billions of others competing for customer attention in the global marketplace that is the web. However, as a responsible website owner, your work does not stop on launch day. Maintaining a website is a constant battle against design trends, would-be attackers, and the technology that holds it all together. Here are five ways that your website can devastate your business and fail to bring you and your customers benefits.

Technology has Left Your Site Behind

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The 3 Things Your Website Should Be Doing, But Isn’t

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Almost every business owner understands a presence on the web is essential. For some though, their web presence doesn't seem to have added much to their business in the way of increased clientele. If you have a site that is suffering from less than ideal web traffic, here are 3 things your website should be doing, but perhaps is not.

  • Incorporating customer interaction through reviews 
  • Increasing traffic through a mobile-friendly site 
  • Ensuring your site is fresh and up-to-date
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3 Important Principles for Choosing the Perfect Domain Name

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Any online project needs a good name. And sure, your company might already have an established online presence, but what if you decide to revamp your current site, start a separate company blog or what if a friend asks for domain advice and you have no good ideas to give?

Domain names are the most immediate representation of a brand online, and having a great Domain name can go a long way.

Here are three important principles for choosing the perfect domain name.

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Is Your Website Designed to Provide Access For A Person With A Disability?


Today, there is a lot of focus on making website “responsive.”  Responsive websites are websites that morph their interface based upon the device used to view it.  So, it may look different if it’s viewed on a Cellphone or Tablet Computer than it does from a workstation.  It’s an important focus, but it does it properly address people with a disability?  

The World Wide Web is classified as a form of Information and Communications Technology, or ICT. Laws and policies regarding ICT accessibility that are already in existence are being considered in terms of the Internet. In addition, more and more legislation addressing ICT accessibility is being enacted around the world.

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