How to Make First-Time Visitors To your Website Stick Around

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In order to grow your business, you need to find new customers constantly. You also need to keep the ones that you have. It can be a delicate balance in order to make sure that your business keeps up with both first-time visitors and long-term customers.

In order to get long-term customers, you first need to get new visitors to your website. Here are some tips to welcome first-time visitors to your website so that they decide to stick around.

Create a welcoming website (especially the homepage). It is important that your customers feel welcome when they visit your website. Make sure that you know exactly what you want to show your customers and be sure to do so right away!

You should have a simple headline for your website, as well as your logo (and maybe even your picture or a picture of your business). Having a clear call-to-action button is also necessary. Your first-time visitors need to know what they need to do.

Don't put too much information at one place. Your website should be many pages so that your visitors can scroll around and find out the information that they need. If you have too much information all in one place, people are going to turn away. It is going to be too hard to find out what they were looking for.

So, make multiple pages with each one having a central theme. If someone wants to know about you as a person, they can visit your About Me page. If they are looking for testimonials (and why they should hire you), they will look at that pages. Same for your services, products, and much more. The simpler your pages are, the better off you will be.

Put a lot of thought into your About Me page. Your About Me page may be more important than you think. You need to make sure that it is engaging and gives your first-time visitors what they want. They don't really want to read paragraph after paragraph about you. They really want to know how you can help them.

You should always include several things on your About Me page. First, you need a professional photograph of you with a nice and welcoming smile. You can't forget to include ways to get in touch with you - including your email address, phone number (if you want), and even links to your social media profiles so they can connect with you in other places too!

Your first-time visitors may appreciate a webpage that helps them get started at your site. Websites that offer a page that says start here are more popular than those that do not. You can use this page to guide your readers through your site, telling them where to look for what information.

You might even want to have a page for beginners, intermediate, and advanced readers so that your beginners don't get overwhelmed by the advanced reads. This can be helpful in many businesses, especially those that require a skill or even ones that you use highly technical terms.

Make it easy for your first-time visitors to find your best blog posts. Many business websites have a side bar that connects readers to popular posts. By doing so, your visitors will realize that you offer quite a lot of helpful information that is really easy to find.    

First-time visitors can be really picky. If they don't like something about your website, they will leave and won't come back. For that reason, your website needs to be welcoming and easy to navigate. If it is, your visitors will continue to come back every time that they need something. It should also lead to a purchase (or more)!

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