More Tips to Increase First-Time Visitors to your Website

More Tips to Increase First-Time Visitors to your Website

This is a continuation of my previous article: Tips to Increase First-time Visitors to your Website.


Long-term and new customers are essential for a business so that it can continue to grow and prosper. In order to keep customers, you need to be able to provide the best customer service possible, as well as offering the best products and services. This will keep your customers coming back for more.

Another way to get new customers is by having a great website. Here are some more tips to increase first-time visitors to your website.

Make sure that your website is mobile friendly. More and more people search online from all over. They still use computers, though they also use tablets and their smartphones. If your website works for all types of devices (including small smartphones), your website is more likely to be found (and found helpful).

Have a fast website. Nobody will wait much longer than a few seconds for a website to load. If it does, you can bet that they will be onto the next one (as long as it loads faster)! For this reason, you should plan your website carefully. If you add too many pictures and have too much information on a page, it can really slow it down.

Write headlines that will attract attention. Most people don't realize how important headlines are to your visitors. However, they really are important. Good headlines catch the attention of people and bring them to your site. For this reason, you need to make sure that you put thought into every headline that you write.

Optimize your content for search engines. You need to make sure that everything that you put on your website is going to catch the attention of the search engines. Make the most of image alt text. Use meta descriptions fully. By taking a few extra steps, you could boost the traffic to your website.

Don't forget about videos. While content of all types is important, videos are even more powerful. They can really make your site more engaging. Not only will they grab the attention of new visitors, they will also hold their attention and bring more people to your website!

Listen to your analytics data. Google Analytics is invaluable for businesses. You should look at the data you receive carefully so you can continue to provide the type of content that your readers are interested in! You can also see how, where, and when your visitors are coming from.

Promote your website through article marketing. Publishing even one article to an article directory can bring a lot of new traffic to your website. Sites like Article Base and Article Dashboard allows you to get your content on hundreds of blogs and websites.  

Don't overlook LinkedIn. LinkedIn is a great social media network, designed for professionals. It now allows you to post content which will help you increase first-time visitors to your site.

Post on forums. If you are serious about getting new first-time visitors, you need to start to visit forums and help others with their problems.

By taking a few additional steps, you can get more first-time visitors to your website. The more new customers you get, the more likely you will have return customers.

For this reason, you should take care with everything that you put onto your website. Create headlines that will attract attention. You should also pay attention to SEO, though not too much or you will end up sounding like a robot! Also, don't forget about the power of videos. They can really bring more people to your website.

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