Scaling your Website with Enterprise CDN (Cloudflare)

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Managers of business-critical websites face a major challenge in delivering fast loading videos and web pages to their users. Nowadays, making use of enterprise content delivery networks or CDNs is an effective way of helping businesses realize their content delivery goals. This is because, with an enterprise CDN, customers are given dedicated cache quotas and content is delivered via private core networks.

The main features of a reliable CDN is its scalability, predictability, and versatility. These features help organizations optimize video streaming and delivery over existing infrastructures.

Benefits of Scaling Your Website with an Enterprise CDN

Scaling a website without an enterprise CDN can be difficult and impractical. You are basically planning for a capacity increase or for more traffic, so you need more servers on your delivery network. But how effective can this be? Will you have the resources to handle unexpected spikes in traffic? These are the challenges that push organizations to choose CDN solutions like CloudFlare.

Below are some of the main benefits of content delivery networks:

Scalability – Handling spikes in traffic is a major factor when scaling your website. Without the right support, even the most reliable websites can crash from poor scaling. But with an enterprise CDN, you won't have to play a guessing game when scaling your website, your online property will auto-scale with increased traffic.

Easy to Manage - An enterprise CDN control panels offers users the ability to manage their back-ends with ease. It makes it simpler to add new content, and manage access to existing content.

Business Analytics Tools - Business Intelligence is absolutely one of the frequently used buzzwords in the business sector today. Enterprise-grade CDN's offer business analytics tools that can be used to analyze data and convert it to actionable information.

Direct Delivery - This is one great feature that regular CDN's cannot offer. Direct delivery of videos and media to users or employees is a great way of providing better services to your users or keeping staff efficient while on the go.

Secure Encryption - Virtual private tunnels (VPN) are used to deliver data with high encryption. Most organizations understand the value of secure content delivery, especially in this internet age of data breaches and hacks. Staying safe while delivering content globally is a key business driver for many organizations.

Enterprise content delivery solves video delivery on a global scale. You can leverage the power of secure user authentication, time-limited session tokens, scalability of web servers, direct content delivery, metadata encryption, and much more. For help in setting up an enterprise content delivery network, contact us for more information.