4 Devastating Side Effects Of A Bad Website Design

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Business owners today can no longer afford to remain offline. Maintaining an active presence on the web builds authority and credibility while attracting new customers in the process. But you'll want to follow good design practices when developing your site. If not, you could suffer from the following side effects of a bad web design.

#1) Lower Search Rankings

Can a bad design really hurt your site's rankings in the search engines? Quite possibly! Google, Bing and Yahoo rank websites by crawling them with bots, looking for various ranking signals. If your site suffers from poor design practices, search engines won't crawl and index it properly; thus, resulting in lower rankings.

#2) Long Load Times

Another potentially devastating side effect of a bad web design is long load times. And when this occurs, it can send visitors away from your site, at which point you'll never see or hear from them again. Amazon conducted a study several years back on how load times affect sales. The e-retailing giant discovered that for every 100ms increase in load times, it lost 1% sales. Whether you run an e-commerce business or not, though, you should optimize your site for fast load times.

#3) Broken Links

Poorly developed websites often contain broken links. When a user clicks a link, whether it's internal or external, he or she expects to see a new page. Broken links, however, send visitors to an 404 error page instead, which hurts user experience and subsequently the brand.

#4) Negative Reviews

When a user has a poor experience on a website, he or she may take to social media to tell others. Not surprisingly, this discourages other users from visiting and engaging on your website, hurting both sales and credibility. On the other hand, however, a well-developed website encourages positive reviews, which business owners can publish as testimonials to further enhance their brand image.

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