The 3 Things Your Website Should Be Doing, But Isn’t

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Almost every business owner understands a presence on the web is essential. For some though, their web presence doesn't seem to have added much to their business in the way of increased clientele. If you have a site that is suffering from less than ideal web traffic, here are 3 things your website should be doing, but perhaps is not.

  • Incorporating customer interaction through reviews 
  • Increasing traffic through a mobile-friendly site 
  • Ensuring your site is fresh and up-to-date

Customer Feedback

Customer reviews are essentially free advertising. If you are proud of your business and your great product or service, show it off by allowing your customers to speak! Virtually every savvy shopper will research a product or service before they buy and they place considerable value on what others say about a particular company or product. Just as word of mouth spreads information about a business locally, customer reviews spread information about you on the web.  Remember, these reviews can also appear on sites such as Yelp.  (Look for more on this in another article.)

Say Yes To Mobile

If you have had a website for a number of years, but wonder why traffic has seemed to slow recently, it could be because your site is not mobile-friendly. In years past, a single type of presence on the internet was sufficient, but that is no longer the case. Having a mobile-friendly site shows you engaged in current trends and committed to staying on top of ways for your customers to reach you.

Statistic id412971 mobile share of us website visits 2014 2015 by industry 2

As you can see from the above chart, every category is growing.  Where is your business?

Out With The Old, In With The New

Your presence on the web is as integral a part of your customer outreach as is your storefront or your company's phone. When a potential customer sees a site that has outdated information such as an old copyright date or one solitary customer review that is nine months old, it is as much a reflection on your company as outdated products on your shelves or an empty parking lot. Potential customers want to feel their experience with you on the web is as active as walking into your store or calling you on the phone. If you always have a semi-annual sale, promote it on your site. Consider installing a chat or text feature to answer questions you may receive from your web customers. Your responses to web inquiries are just as important as if you received a phone call.

Business owners who understand the value gained by putting their best foot forward on the internet will see their efforts rewarded with positive outcomes. For more information on how to keep your web presence useful and engaging in order to grow your business, please contact us.